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Plaisirs Coupables

I dreamt of trying this new restaurant specialized in comfort food, with an extra that made you feel guilty. My friends and I went on a wednesday which was ladies’ night. For a minimum of 15 dollars of drinks, you had a free table d’hôte thus an appetizer, entrée, dessert with coffee/tea. Pretty exciting, right? Well not as much when you look at the menu. The entrée weren’t appealing at all, a choice of salad or salmon or small sausages… If your goal is to get drunk fast and enjoy as little food as possible, then head there on a Wednesday night. But if like me, you want to enjoy some real food and feel guilty, ignore that option, exactly what my friends and I did.

I was disappointed when we couldn’t sit on the comfy chairs because it wasn’t enough for more than 2 people to eat. I definitely want to try that lounge section next time I feel like drinks and some appetizers. We had the option of being sat upstairs or downstairs and we picked downstairs where a large table of men were watching hockey. Bad decision!!! Despite that, our waiter was super cute, obviously French Quebecer trying to reply in English to us. I give A+ for amazing effort and was about to answer in French a couple of times. I love cute people! ❤

We all ordered a mojito Plaisirs Coupables with Chambord, an alcohol with wild berries. It was fresh, not too leafy like most mojitos with a sweet taste.

Dee and I ordered appetizers; she had cod fritters while I had fried calamari with a mango sauce. She was extremely disappointed with her choice, they weren’t good at all. I’m not a fish person so I didn’t try a piece. I do agree that her sauce was too blend, a few spices would have helped ‘rehausser le gout’.

My plate was full of never-ending calamari, it was kinda overwhelming as I was the only eating them. The mango sauce was sweet with small chunks of mangos, different from the typical sauces we get with them.

Dee and Nico got the regular burger called Le Sacré (if I remember correctly) with crispy bacon and brie, they both liked it.

I hesitated getting pork ribs with whiskey, the price was pretty high.  I set my choice on the Plaisirs Coupables burger including foie gras, mushrooms, cheese and some fries inside it. My burger was incredibly delicious, I felt like such a pig! Everything was dripping and the foie gras was so chewy but in a good different way. The moments I savoured my burger were simply ecstatic.

Unfortunately due to my appetizer, I didn’t finish my burger!!! This is UNBELIEVABLE because I always finish my plate or leave some crumbs but I had a third of the burger left!!! I didn’t have any space left for dessert, big disappointment. The service was good and the waiter very likeable, even when I asked if there was meat in the burger and not just “foie gras”, it wasn’t written! The prices are quite high, easily 45$ for a person and if you had desert, it might add up to 55$. It gets a grade of 8/10, I enjoyed my food and liked the ambiance despite the noisy neighbours. Great place for a date  in a trendy spot or for a girl’s night out on a wednesday.


Plaisirs Coupables

1410 Peel, Montreal, QC  

H3A 1S8 514-507-5689


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