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Wednesday after my class, I was heading to the microwaves to warm up my dinner when I noticed a group of people in the lounge area where they had set up tables. Very intrigued, I asked a girl if there was something special happening. She told me there was a potluck organized by different associations of Concordia for Black History month. Thus there was food from the Africans, Caribbeans and Haitians students. Best thing is that it was free! (I love free stuffs, especially food) So I didn’t hesitate waiting as they were running behind schedule. Oooh, the famous joke about Black people always being late you might think, big stereotype. Though I easily relate to that point, I mean I got it from my mama. ; ) Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures, sorry! Here’s what they had:

Mac n cheese = it was delicious, perfectly done with large chunks of macaroni and not an overload of cheese like in Kraft dinner.

Shepherd’s pie = I didn’t have some but I heard it was good.

Lentil dishes = I’m not sure how to describe this meal… it was brown and was cooked in the oven. It was good but my least favorite.

3 dishes of rice with beans = riz collé, very popular in the islands, the one I had was good.

Fried pork = small pieces of pork, they were too hard for my taste not chewy enough.

Chicken in a spicy sauce = I was expecting it to be spicier because meals from Africa and the islands ten to be extremely spicy, maybe I didn’t put enough sauce.

There were lots of drinks and some desserts of course, but nothing typical for those countries. Someone made a delicious banana cake; it was fluffy and light just like I love them. Note: it wasn’t banana bread which is usually heavier but more like an angel cake with banana flavouring.

I loved this event, they should have more of these!

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