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We went to an Iranian restaurant two weeks ago. Mike is half Iranian so he recommended Tehran in NDG. A restaurant on the way to my cegep, I remembered how it always smelled good. One can only imagine my excitement when I actually entered the place. The room is large and vast with a classy feel, perfect for a big event, whether a work party or a birthday with over 25 invitees. There was also a bar section, but we didn’t drink.

A plate of pita bread with onions was brought to our table. An Iranian thing I didn’t try, as I dislike the taste of raw onions. R and Mike enjoyed it.

We all choose meal combos that came with an entrée and tea. Except for Cam, we chose the ash soup while she had a salad. The salad was very well presented and huge, it could have been a main dish for her. ; )

Ash is a chickpea soup with lentils, noodles, fried onions and kashi (milk goat yogourt). You must be asking yourself what kind of mix is this? I asked myself the same thing despite the weird mix. When our plates arrived, I was very sceptic because it didn’t look appealing at all!!! Dark green isn’t an appealing colour on someone and on food too. Mike praised this soup so it couldn’t kill me to try. I had a spoonful, which wasn’t enough to know if I liked it or not. After a couple of spoonfuls, I actually enjoyed it. How could I describe it? It’s very mushy like a potage* and quite heavy with the noodles. The kashi and fried onions sweetened the whole. Would I have one again? Yes, it’s a meal that you have to get accustomed to the taste before judging how you feel about it.

Mike ordered mirza, an eggplant pure of tomato, egg, garlic and herbs. To be eaten with pita, it was delicious and different from hummus.

I hadn’t even finished my soup when our plates came. I didn’t enjoy enough mirza to my liking because my meal looked extremely delicious. Each plate had rice with saffron on it, a grilled tomato on the side and a slice of lemon to make your meat juicier.

Cam had the Jooje Kabab which is grilled chicken, I had a bite and it tasted very good.

Mike and R both had the Kabab Bobideh, grilled beef. I also had a bite and it was yummy.

But nothing beat the Kabab Barg, a filet mignon. More expensive, but worth every single penny! The meat was tender and cooked perfectly to my taste, adding some lemon made it more heavenly as it already was. My only complaint is that there wasn’t enough rice on my plate for all the meat, I had to steal some from Mike’s plate.

Other than me, nobody finished their meal, taking it to go instead. Yes, I did think I was going to explode when I had a couple of bites left, but it was so delicious that I had to finish it.

We were served a light black tea at the end. Perfect to help us digest after a huge meal. So in Iranian culture, sugar isn’t put in the cup directly, but on your tongue. Huh?!?! Relax, it’s done with sugar cubes and very fun! Trick is to put a cube on your tongue and as you drink, it dissolves. I loved it, despite burning my tongue at first due to the extremely hot tea. I also learned some farsi, language of Iran:  Chai mckhom! “I want tea” : )

Our waitress was a cute Iranian with an accent. Important note: I find it nice to go in a restaurant of a different country and being served by someone of that origin, the same for the people cooking the food! It gets an 7.5/10, I like to take my time to eat and enjoy my food but I felt rushed there. Any occassion is nice to try this restaurant, prices are fairly decent between 15 and 25 dollars.

Special thanks to R who had fun taking detailed pictures of the food!!!


5065 Maisonneuve West, Montreal, QC


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  1. ARGH! Ça a l’air trop bon! Il faut trop qu’on y retourne quand je reviens! Ah et moi aussi j’ai fait des découvertes: hier je suis allée à un resto asiatique et j’ai mangé des grenouilles à l’ail, super bon, et puis j’ai goûté à du thé au lotus. Vraiment bon aussi. Mais tes photos d’iranien ont l’air encore meilleures!


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