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La Legende Pastry

I already mentionned that I love chinatown in my previous post. Yesterday, I went with my friend Am to La Legende pastry to grab a bite to eat. I often go there but I to buy buns or pastries but I don’t stay, only once to enjoy some bubble tea. This time, I actually sat in a booth and ordered a meal! I was suggested to try one of the soup meals that were cheap but filling. I hesitated between a pork & vegetables schezuan soup or a spicy thai chicken noodle soup. I love anything spicy and thai cuisine, so I opted for the second choice as well as Am.

We got bread with butter on it as well as some milk tea. “It’s Hong Kong style” said Am, she’s Chinese and has often been to HK so she knows what she’s talking about. I never add milk when I drink tea as I find it alters the taste. Though when it’s – 20 degrees outside, anything warm tastes good. Even lukewarm, it tasted good, since our soup meals arrived pretty fast. My bowl was full of noodles, I could barely see the soup. I didn’t regret my choice at all, especially since it was only 5$ and I was stuffed at the all.

The only negative thing was the waitress asking us to pay before we even knew the final price as Am had a card that gave us 10% rebate of the meal.

Other than that, it’s a cute place for a date or a casual hangout with friends, especially if you want to experience the “Hong Kong style” in Montreal.

La Legende Pastry

68 de la Gauchetiere West, Montreal, QC

(514) 866-1628


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