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Brunch is definitely my favorite meal of the day. Whoever invented it is a genius! Em and I love meeting up for brunch, we used to always go to Beauty’s but we decided to try new places, as we were tired of always taking the super beauty’s 2 and it’s quite expensive.

I suggested l’Évidence and when we got there, I realized that I had already come here with some friends on a summer day on the terrace, enjoying sangria and some huge sandwiches. It was fun and the food and drink were good. There was a small line up but it went fast and we were seated on comfortable lounge chairs. On the other side, there was a bar with a few seats around it. I was extremely surprised to see that coffee, fresh fruits and potatoes were included in most of the meals. Also the prices were cheap for the amount of food we got, bonus points!

Em ordered the Simple of the Benedictine eggs section, 2 poached eggs on English muffin with ham covered with hollandaise sauce. The rest of the plate was filled with dozen of fruits, I admit that I was a little jealous of its beauty. She also had some potatoes. I had never tasted Benedictine eggs and I had a bite of Em’s, it was yummy and it melted in my mouth with the sauce, quite divine. She said it was the best she ever had.

I ordered the Special of the eggs section, 2 scrambled eggs with ham, bacon, sausage, beans and pancakes. Also had a side of potatoes and some fruits but not as much as Em. I don’t drink coffee so I ordered a cocktail of fresh fruits after seeing my neighbour with one. It looked fresh and delicious, a mix of strawberry, blueberry, mango, peach and apple. It tasted so good and fruity.  If only it was a bit colder it would have tasted even better. My meal was delicious, the sausages were very good and I loved having fruits on the side. Em didn’t finish hers so I gladly helped out.

The service was good and fast, the waitress smiled when I asked her about the cocktail of my neighbour. The portions were good and I loved that there were lots of fruits in our plates. At first, we were a bit skeptical with the prices quite low that the food wouldn’t be that good, we were pretty wrong. It gets a grade of 8.5/10, the missing points is simply due to the cocktail not being cold enough, seems harsh but that’s how I see it.

I definitely recommend it for brunch but for any other meal if you feel like something light, perfect for a hangout between girls on the terrace, looking at cute guys passing on Saint-Denis street.


3619 Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC

H2X 3L6 514-847-2267

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  1. it looks delicious, it’s 9:30 pm and I want breakfast now! Keep up the posts about the interesting places you go to!! ❤

  2. Des oeufs bénédictines c’est divin… et tu sais quoi! Je suis capable d’en faire! J’ai appris à faire les oeufs pochés et la sauce hollandaise avec le livre de Julia Child, super pour les profanes qui veulent apprendre la grande cuisine. Dès que je reviens, on s’en fait ensemble!


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