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My friends and I wanted to have Korean food so we tried Hwang Kum in NDG on a warm day in September. It was so cute from outside as well as inside. We waited a while, as we didn’t know if we could seat ourselves or if a waiter had to bring us to a table. When we were finally seated, we were served rice tea.

We had the little plates of kimchi, chop suey, sweet potatoes, sweet cucumber that any Korean restaurant serves as side dishes. Though it wasn’t enough for all of us, we asked if we could have some more but we had to pay an extra. That was a big disappointment as the refill is free and unlimited in most restaurants.

As appetizers, I had mandu (beef dumplings), delicious and soft. R had tteokbokki (rice cake with hot sauce); it was gooey but in a good way and the hot sauce gave it more flavour. To sensitive people, please abstain from having too much hot sauce.

As main dishes, Cam took the seafood pancake (an appetizer on the menu). It was delicious but too much for one person, we helped her finish it.

Cam’s bf had galbi (beef ribs in charcoal), very good.

R had tofu spicy soup; it was light and very soothing.

I had dwaeji galbi (sweet pork ribs in charcoal); it was perfectly sweet and well marinated, just wished I had more rice with it.

Everyone was satisfied with their meals in general.

There were only 2 people serving which made the service very slow. It took time to get some water or even some rice tea. It was just as hard to get our waiter’s attention.

My grade would be 7/10 because despite the not-so excellent service, the food was very good and the sizes good. It can get easily pricey if you order a meal and an entrée, but count between 20 to 40 dollars. It’s a cute and small cozy place, perfect for a hangout with friends or a date.

5908 Sherbrooke West 

 Montreal, QC H4A 1X7



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