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Apéros de quartier

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Apéritif à la française celebrates its 11-year anniversary by hosting four aperitifs across Montreal and Quebec named Apéros de quartier for the second time. An aperitif is an alcoholic drink that you enjoy before your meal as an appetizer, from the French culture. These aperitifs are from 6 to 8:30pm in restos-bars in different neighbourhoods.

I had the chance to attend one of the Apéros de quartier at Voro in the Mile-End on July 16th. Zoya accompanied me and we felt like VIP. (Thanks again NA!)


For 30 dollars, you have a main dish, a special drink and two drinks. The dish and drinks are specific kinds. You have other options for the main dish but it will cost 10 dollars. The same goes for drinks that cost 5 dollars.


St-Rémy à la crème on ice

PIneau des charentes aka pineau colada

PIneau des charentes aka pineau colada


Hennessy ginger ale

The main dish was a spinach stuffed salmon crust with artichoke sauce and white wine. However, Zoya and I are not fan of salmon so we didn’t hesitate paying 10 dollars to try something different. We ordered a dauphinoise with merguez, ratatouille and artichoke sauce. It was a special mix with a poached egg, very creamy and various flavours. Zoya wasn’t such a fan but I thought it was good and different. The cusine reflects the French culture, which goes with the theme. There was also a vegetarian option.


A little treat that every guest received, which made me very happy. I love French biscuits, especially of the St-Michel brand.


I definitely recommend this event to everyone, you get to experience and discover a part of French culture. The drinks and meals are inspired from France. You also have a fun atmosphere with a DJ playing a nice mix. You  also get to dress up and look like a million bucks. Also there’s many photographers to capture your wonderful look.

The last one is on July 30th at Pandore, a restaurant on the last floor of Le 2-22 Sainte-Catherine. The view will probably be breathtaking and the weather is gonna be sunny. I don’t think I will be going again, I would love too, as it’s going to be lots of fun!

p.s. My pictures aren’t amazing because I used my cellphone, as I forgot my camera home.

Summer continued

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Hello everyone!

I know that it’s been a while I haven’t update my blog. This summer has been very difficult for me. I love my internship that’s ending in 3 weeks. The World Cup 2014 was amazing with my team, Germany, winning. I’m checking out Fantasia Festival and watching 17 movies during the 3 weeks of the festival. I haven’t been able to try restaurants like I said, except when I was treated for lunch or dinner, because of my low finances. I feel sad to not be trying out restaurants, especially with so many opening this summer and cool food events. The worst thing is that I’m not losing my belly weight by eating out less and working out. I guess I have no choice but to change my diet and live a healthy life. Will I survive? My friends and family would probably say “no”, as they couldn’t believe I would survive 10 days cutting sugar but I’ll prove them wrong. I’m coming for you abs!

Thanks for always following me!


Decca 77

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Dee, Nico and I had one of our yearly dinner in May 2013. I remember this one well because after we went to 281, the famous male dancer joint in Montreal, well famous for the female clientele. As always, I was proposing places and since we wanted to eat downtown, I suggested Decca77. I had always heard about this restaurant near the Bell Centre and was curious to try it.

The drink menu had some special drinks including the Fraisilic. It was a mix of vodka, strawberry puree, basil and a splash of lime. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the puree leaving Nico and I extremely disappointed. She ordered the Lychee, normally a mix of vodka, soho and lychee juice. However this martini had some sake added to it. Dee ordered the Bahamas, a mix of brown rum, malibu, orange and pineapple juice. I ordered the Muscatini, a mix of vodka, cacao cream and nutmeg. I didn’t enjoy my drink at all. The girls thought their drinks were okay. None of us ordered a second round of drinks, a rare fact.

Dee and Nico ordered the same appetizer while I didn’t order one. I wasn’t impressed with the menu of appetizers and was excited to eat my main dish. I cannot remember the name of the appetizer served on a board plate. Three big pieces of shrimp lay on a bed of quinoa with some vegetables and pieces of orange. The shrimps were delicious while the quinoa was refreshing and light. After realizing my plate wasn’t going to arrive before a while, I ordered the same appetizer because the bread and butter weren’t very filling.

IMG_0022 IMG_0025

Dee and Nico ordered the same main dish, which was a Grain-fed Veal Chop served with herb smashed potatoes and mesclun. They both enjoyed their meal.


For the main meal, I chose the Decca Burger 77. The beef burger had cheese, mushroom, fried onions (asked to remove them), tomato jam and spicy mayo. It was served with hand cut fries and a little salad. It was a delicous burger.

IMG_0027 IMG_0031

It gets a grade of 6.5/10. I enjoyed the food but was not impressed with the service and the drinks. There weren’t many customers during the night so I don’t understand why they ran out of puree. I mean couldn’t you go buy some? For an appetizer, a drink and a main meal, it costs around 60-70 dollars including taxes and tips. Would I recommend this restaurant, to be honest not really. Except if you’re desperate to eat around the Bell Centre and you don’t want to eat at La Cage aux Sports, St-Hubert, Bâton Rouge or Madison’s.


Decca 77

1077 Drummond, Montreal, QC

H3B 4H4 514-934-1077 


Free food this weekend!

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Yes, you’re read right! This weekend of the 6th to 8th june 2014 will have free food and let’s thank the Grand Prix Weekend.

Friday the 6th, Bevo Bar + Pizzeria will offer grilled sausauge, pizza and porchetta to everyone between 12 and 7pm to celebrate the 2nd anniversary.

Source: Bevo

Source: Bevo

Saturday the 7th, Dirty Dogs will offer hot dogs to everyone between 12 and 1pm. The Bernie Mac hot dog is a cheddar & bacon sausage, topped with homemade mac & cheese, crispy bacon and green onions.

Bernie Mac is in the middle. Source: Dirty Dogs

Bernie Mac is in the middle.
Source: Dirty Dogs

Sunday the 8th, BLVD44 will offer BBQ as of 3pm at Picnic on the Patio.

Other than that, food trucks will be at the Olympic Park on Friday the 6th from 4 to 11pm with close to 40 trucks. This is going to be an exciting and delicious weekend!



Five Guys

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Important warning! If you are allergic to nuts, don’t step foot in this place. The fries are fried in peanut oil. Also there are peanuts available for clients near the fornt of the store.

I remember the first time I tried Five Guys was 2 years ago after a halloween party. The place was closed but my friends and I convinced an employee to let us in. They didn’t have enough meat to give us a regular burger, which contains 2 patties of meat. When you’ve had too many drinks, you don’t care about much except what you’re going to eat. The burger tasted so delicious, I thought it was a dream and the fries were heavenly. The Five Guys was located in the Village then.

Forward 6 months later and I convince some classmates to have a bite to eat before heading to a house party celebrating the end of first year in journalism. This time, I got a regular cheeseburger with 2 patties of meat. It was even better than the smaller version with just 1 patty. I also love that you can choose what toppings you want in your burger.

IMG_4999 IMG_5000

It gets a grade of 8.5/10 because it’s pretty expensive. I would rather spend more money eating a burger in a fancy restaurant. Nothing comes in a trio. So if you order a burger, fries and a drink, it costs around 15$ if you want the regular sizes. You can order a small or large portion for fries and a drink.

I had some Five Guys again just three weeks ago. We were two and we had trouble finishing a regular size portion of fries. I had a little cheeseburger, which has only 1 patty of meat. Yes, you did read the word “little” meaning that the regular cheeseburger has 2 patties of meat.

I believe everyone should try Five Guys, especially if you love burgers and want to learn how Americans eat their burgers well in quantity at least.


Five Guys (2 locations

698 Sainte-Catherine West, Montreal, QC

H3B 1B9 514-393-4343

468 McGill Street, Montreal, QC

H2Y 2H4 514-507-2560


Summer internship

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Hi everyone, 

I started my internship in a French magazine publication two weeks ago. I’m really enjoying it as there is never a minute to be bored. Doing phone interviews, writing articles, doing research, I feel like a real journalist. 

I was in Toronto for the weekend to check out Anime North, a large convention. It was fun and crazy but I’m glad to be home. I’ve had a busy week and feel exhausted. Tomorrow, I am off to Quebec to attend a gala for young entrepreneurs. I will be interviewing the winner. I sense that my summer will not be as calm as I hoped it would be.

I am happy that I tried many restaurants last summer because my wallet isn’t going to allow me to try many restaurants this summer. I will try updating my blog at least once a week.  

Thanks for following up!!! 



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In mid-March 2013, I had to attend a Westmount council meeting for a journalism class. I suggested to my classmates that we grab a bite to eat before the two-hour meeting.

I had mentioned Schwartz’s and Krys was interested, as she had never been. We arrived around 5:30 and luckily enough, there was no line outside. We found some empty stools at the counter. Gabriel joined us shortly after. We all ordered a smoked meat sandwich with a side of fries. I haven’t had smoked meat in a while and I forgot how delicious it tasted. The mustard adds a tangy flavour to the sandwich. The sandwich looks like a small portion but there is so much meat that it fills you up quickly. The fries were hot and crispy. If you don’t have a big appetite, you’ll only be able to finish half the sandwich.

IMG_4813 IMG_4814

It gets a grade of 8.5/10. The food is good, the service is fast but you feel rushed. We were lucky that our server was nice and let us wait for Gabriel before ordering and possibly losing our seats.

I haven’t eaten at Schwartz’s in a few years. I was surprised that it cost us around 10 dollars for a smoked meat sandwich and fries. I’m pretty sure it cost half the price back in the day, roughly four years ago.

Personally, I think the place is overrated. Every time I pass in front of it, I see huge line-ups and especially in summer. If you don’t have the patience to wait in line, you can order take-out. You can buy some meat and make your own sandwich at home. Even if I find Schwartz’s to be overrated, I believe that you should at least try it once in your lifetime.



3895 Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC

H2W 1L2 514-842-4813



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