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Vegan Life: Day 3

September 29 2014

I don’t know if this is a side effect of eating vegan or I’m extremely tired this week, but I’ve been going to bed earlier than expected. Thus, I wasn’t able to post this last night.

For breakfast, I had brown toast with organic strawberry jam. Am I allowed to have toast? Well in one of the recipes, it says to make a sandwich with 2 slices of brown bread or baguette or pita so I assume I can have bread. I’m going to do some research and verify. Hopefully not. When I opened the pot of jam, I was surprised to see it was more brown than red like regular jams. Good to know what natural jam looks like.


Breakfast: toast with organic jam and black tea

For lunch, I had brought some leftovers of Indonesian style tempeh and lots of snacks. I went to check out the menu of the free vegetarian lunch of The Hive at the Loyola campus of Concordia. I was happy to see that they had vegan options and that it looked delicious. It was a sesame stir-fry with rice noodles and sweet red peppers. I added some spicy Thai sauce (I checked the label and no traces of animal products). It was spicy and sweet, I enjoyed it a lot. I also had a dessert, which was a sesame honey cake. It was sweet and light!


Free lunch at Loyola: sesame stir-fry rice noodles and sesame honey cake

The snacks I brought were strawberry flavoured soya drink, a pear, rice and beans chips and rice cakes.


Some snacks

I went to see my friend Cam who’s going to move to Scotland this week. Her family was having dinner and felt bad they could only offer me salad. I reassured them saying I had my lunch and ate it with a side of salad.


Dinner: salad with quinoa and tempeh

When I got home, I went to see what my mother cooked. It was a mix of vegetables she often does and she added either pieces of squash or potato. It didn’t look very appetizing, I’ll have some when I come home tonight. But I am not a fan of this dish. However, I think I’ll have to cook again.

I’m going to make some vegan snacks also, probably some muffins. If I have time of course because I have so much school work.

Vegan Life: Day 2

Sunday September 28

I had the same breakfast as yesterday, oatmeal with berries. The only difference is that I added the almond cupcake and called it brunch. Later, I went to Jean-Talon Market to buy vegetables, fine herbs and organic products. I went to a healthy grocery store known as Alfalfa and found awesome products for the vegan lifestyle, including ice cream for vegans!!! I didn’t buy any unfortunately because it was expensive. Eating healthy costs a little more, which is sad especially when you’re a poor student. Thankfully, my mother helped pay for some groceries. I bought some tempeh again, tofu and vegetables such as squash and zucchini.


Midday snack: corn

I bought some corn and had 3 as a midday snack before falling asleep. I wasn’t planning on taking a nap but my body decided on it, probably exhausted from carrying heavy bags in public transit. I bought ingredients to be able the Thai style tempeh on the Noble Bean website. The recipe was highly flavoured with coconut milk and curry spices. I didn’t put tamarind, as I didn’t find any. I didn’t find sweet potato either and replaced it by butternut squash. I cooked brown basmati rice to serve it with. The result was amazin and it’s probably the best thing I’ve cooked so far!!! It was spicy, creamy and rich in flavour. My mother enjoyed it as well, more than the Indonesian style one, which she found too salty.


Dinner: rice with tempeh

This vegan challenge is making me creative. I don’t cook much and I’ve had to make 2 meals, which I improvised as I was missing some ingredients. I don’t know if I’ll be able to cook much in the week with school and work. My mother said she would cook something with the remaining squashes. I already prepared my lunch for Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully, we’ll be good until Friday with the ingredients we have.

Vegan Life: Day 1

As promised, I will talk about my life as a vegan during the 21-day challenge. I wanted to share it last night but I passed out so you’ll have 2 posts back to back!
Saturday September 27

Breakfast: oatmeal with berries

I cooked some oatmeal for breakfast and I added some berries. Unfortunately, it didn’t taste sweet and I was only able to add  less than half a teaspoon of maple syrup. I have replaced honey with agave syrup for my morning tea and night herbal tea.I had a busy day, which resulted in the loss of my opus card. Luckily, I was able to make one and attend Montreal Vegan Festival for an hour. I was able to try some samples of delicious food. I bought some groceries but not everything I wanted because I arrived near the end of the festival. I also bought vegan desserts from Sophie Sucrée, a vegan bakery store. I spoiled myself with a chocolate with vanilla icing cupcake, an almond with chocolate icing cupcake and a peanut butter cookie with tahini.
Lunch: Dragon Bowl from Aux Vivres

Lunch: Dragon Bowl from Aux Vivres

For lunch, I ordered a Dragon Bowl from Aux Vivres present at the festival. I’ve heard a lot about this meal and it lived up to its hype. Fried tempeh with their dragon sauce over a bed of rice with beets and carrots. I bought their Noble Bean tempeh and when I got home, I searched for recipes available on the Noble Bean website. I didn’t have all the ingredients necessary so I improvised. I cooked some red quinoa to eat it with. It was delicious and not too difficult to cook!


Dinner: quinoa with tempeh

My first day as a vegan went well, I didn’t have any snacks so I was hungry for a long time but I didn’t want to take the chance of eating anything. I only followed the suggested recipe for breakfast because it’s simple and I already had the ingredients.

Vegan desserts from Sophie Sucrée

Vegan desserts from Sophie Sucrée

The desserts were so good and I will definitely be going to Sophie Sucrée during my challenge if I’m too busy to bake desserts.

Some groceries

Some groceries

You can also follow me on Instagram @nyeba, as I will post pictures of my meals sooner under the hashtag #nickbecomesvegan.

21-Day Vegan Challenge

Montreal is having its first Vegan Festival on September 26 and 27. At the same time, they are proposing people to do a 21-day challenge of eating only vegan food. I have decided to do the challenge. Why? I’m curious to discover the vegan diet. More and more people are going from vegetarian to vegan. I think the best way to understand veganism is to live it. In a way, this is immersion journalism. As a journalist, it’s kind of exciting. I will be posting pictures of what I ate on Instagram and writing a blog post every day about my daily experience.

Of course, the festival suggested recipes for the 21 days. I printed all the recipes and will follow them because it’s the safest thing to do. I won’t be able to go to restaurants between September 27 to October 17, except for vegan places.

I was glad to see that places like Mouton Vert and Sophie Sucrée offer vegan desserts. I know I can survive without meat but I will never survive without desserts.

People's Potato free lunch at Concordia.

People’s Potato free lunch last Friday at Concordia University .

Many people are doubting me, thinking I will not survive a week because I love food too much. I’ve already survived over a week eating no meat because there was none in my home. Luckily, my mother will be doing the challenge too.

Am I scared? A little but I knnow I can do this and I believe in myself!

For more information on the festival and the challenge, visit the website of Montreal Vegan Festival!

Don’t forget to follow my vegan adventure! ; )

Le Burger Week

Hello everyone!

It’s that time of year again and I’m not talking about back to school, I’m talking about burgers! I have had my share of burgers as I got to taste while taking pictures of them. It was a wonderful and horrible experience at the same time. I ate so many burgers, my stomach couldn’t handle it.

Check out their website to see the 40 burgers or more available in Montreal. You can also check out my instagram account nyeba to see some pictures I took with my cellphone.



Decca77’s “Thérese Burger”


Burger Bar Crescent’s “The Dude”

These lovely pictures were taken by me! I’m really proud of having such a delicious portfolio of burgers. All my pictures are available on the album of Le Burger Week on their Facebook page!

Have a wonderful week full of burgers everyone!



Summer madness

Hello everyone!

So my internship is over after three months and I can’t believe it. I’m very proud of myself for having given more than 100% even when I was sick for a few days. I had a good review from my supervisors with points to work on, which I will do to become an amazing journalist and excel in my two next internships this winter and summer semester.

Why haven’t I been updating my blog then? Well it’s because I’ve been busy with other things.
The first is that I’ve been volunteering for Fashion and Design Festival. I have always wanted to volunteer but was always working and this year was my chance. I love food but I also love fashion. I’m having a blast at the festival, watching fashion shows, meeting designers and seeing beautiful outfits. I really want to work in a fashion magazine like Elle Québec but where I could still talk about food and culture.
The second is that I’m the photographer for Burger Week. During my free time, I’ve been going around the city and taking pictures of the 38 burgers. Yes, I’ve tasted some and might possibly blog about it so stay tuned for the first week of September.

Lots of love to those still following me!


End of internship

Hello everyone!

My internship finishes this Friday and I cannot wait! It was an amazing experience that kept me busy and where I learned new things about working in a magazine, well actually two.

After, I should have more free time to update my blog just before school starts. I went to some events where I took pictures of my meals, such as the Friday Food Trucks and Matsuri Japan.

Here are the links to both magazines if you’re curious, both are in French:

Thank you!


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